Amazon and Kohl`s announced a groundbreaking partnership in 2017, allowing Amazon customers to return their purchases to any Kohl`s location nationwide. The agreement was a win-win situation for both companies, providing Amazon customers with a convenient and free return service while increasing foot traffic to Kohl`s stores.

Under this partnership, Amazon customers can bring their return items to any Kohl`s location with the assistance of Kohl`s personnel. The Kohl`s team will then pack the item and ship it back to Amazon for free. The program has been successful, with Kohl`s reporting an increase in store traffic and Amazon noting a reduction in return shipping costs.

The partnership has been expanded over the years, with Kohl`s selling Amazon devices such as Echo and Fire tablets in their stores. Kohl`s also offers Amazon product pickups, where customers can have their Amazon orders shipped to a Kohl`s store for pickup.

The Amazon-Kohl`s partnership is a perfect example of how two companies can work together to provide customers with a seamless experience. It also highlights the importance of customer convenience and the power of collaborations in the retail industry.

From an SEO perspective, the Amazon-Kohl`s agreement has been beneficial for both companies. Kohl`s has seen an increase in online traffic to their website, as potential customers search for information on the partnership. The agreement has also increased Kohl`s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), as people search for places to return their Amazon purchases.

For Amazon, the agreement has also improved their visibility on SERPs as people search for places to return their purchases. Additionally, the partnership has given Amazon access to new customers who may not have shopped on their platform before.

Overall, the Amazon-Kohl`s agreement has been a success for both companies, providing customers with a hassle-free return service and enhancing their shopping experience. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of collaborations in the retail industry, and how they can benefit companies in terms of customer convenience and increased visibility on SERPs.